Who We Are

Recognized as one of the most important and influential professionals in the Brazilian residential audio and video segment, engineer João Yazbek has 30 years of experience in the Consumer Electronics Industry. Founder and Director of AAT (Advanced Audio Technologies), he built his career with a solid academic background, which includes a Master Degree in Electronic Engineering at the best university in the country, the University of São Paulo, and an MBA degree from the renowned University of Chicago. Among the various corporations in which he acted, his presence in Philips do Brasil stands out, where he stayed for 15 years. A little more than ten years ago, he set up his own company and began his work in the field of industrial machine automation.

But his passion for the audio area spoke louder and he decided to focus the business on developing solutions for home theater and surround sound. Today, AAT is the only Brazilian brand in the residential audio segment that offers a complete line of speakers for any type of project. It is also the company with the largest line of subwoofers in Brazil. All in all, the company produces more than 70 items, which stand out for exceptional finish, design and performance, making it an absolute reference for consumers, designers and interior designers.

AAT’s products can be found in high-level residential projects in the most varied Brazilian cities. The success is so much that the solutions of the company have been highlighted in the main Brazilian yearbook of audio and video projects since 2014.

In addition, AAT was a finalist for the Home Theater Award, granted by Home Theater Magazine, the main Brazilian publication of the sector, in the categories Best Subwoofer and Best In Ceiling Speaker. The company competed side by side with some of the most important international brands in the industry.

In January 2018, shortly after starting the project to expand the brand to the US, AAT celebrated another important victory. The only subwoofer on the list of the best products of the year tested by Home Theater Magazine was the 12-inch New Gen AAT model.

Well established in Brazil, AAT now remains steadfast in the task of winning over the demanding American consumer. For this, the inspiration continues to be the same that has always motivated the company in Latin America: bet on daring, creativity, respect to consumer and above all, the commitment to always offer the best price-performance combination  in the market.