Kit Wireless


Within a home theater system the subwoofer is the only speaker that is not required to be installed in a fixed place in the room. This is because the bass sounds spread out in all directions. To give the subwoofer the much-desired mobility, AAT has developed a modern and efficient wireless kit.

It is a very useful solution for those who want to give total freedom to the subwoofer, eliminating cables and remodeling expenses.


Subwoofer Wireless Kit


The AAT wireless kit does not require the use of cable to carry the audio signal between the subwoofer and the receiver or amplifier. The secret lies in the two small boxes that are included in the packaging: one transmits and the other receives the highest quality sound using the latest digital wireless technology.

The connection is very simple: just connect the transmission box to the output of your amplifier or receiver and the receiver box to the input of your subwoofer. The two boxes, as well as the subwoofer, need to be connected to power, through cables that are also included in the packaging.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have an incredible result! After all, this kit was developed thinking that you want to enjoy all the convenience of a digital wireless connection of high quality and reliability, without complications. Just plug it in and that’s it: the subwoofer is already receiving the wireless audio signal up to 30ft (10 meters) away from the system.


To develop its wireless kit, AAT sought the latest wireless digital transmission technology. As a result the product has 100% approval among the thousands of users who have already experienced this innovative solution in South America.

Now it’s your turn! AAT wireless subwoofer kit: a novelty that will make your life much easier!