In a home theater system, the subwoofer is responsible for the reproduction of the explosions of action sequences, and is the speaker that makes the beat of the music pulsates in the rhythm of your heart.

With 10-inch and 12-inch models, the New Gen line of subwoofers are designed to bring you as much realism as possible, giving you that delightful sense of immersion in the attractions that are shown on the TV or projection screen of your system. They are premium products that provide balanced bass and full body sound, thanks to the application of the highest technology and the special care in the choice of each speaker and components. And moreover: each unit is tested individually, always maintaining the highest level of quality.

With state-of-the-art engineering and electronics, these downfiring (woofer facing the floor) construction models innovate by delivering the most true sound experience in the playback of movie soundtracks, shows or music recordings.


With its beautiful clean look, straight lines and exquisite finish in glossy lacquer available in black, white or custom colors, the line of New Gen subwoofers follows the most modern design trends in the world. The result is an attractive line, which matches the look of any tasteful environment.

AAT production maintains a handcrafted tradition. Each wooden cabinet is handmade. And, once assembled, each subwoofer receives manual painting and polishing. AAT has a strict quality control system for each product, which makes each unit unique.

If you wish to fully customize your project, AAT is ready to fulfill your dreams. Choose the color of your choice and our team, will produce a subwoofer tailored to your needs.


The New Gen Line is comprised of two incredible subwoofers in 10-inch and 12-inch sizes.

These subwoofers impress by the high maximum power, which ranges from 500W to 700W RMS, depending on the model. This feature ensures the correct and faithful reproduction of bass sounds in small, medium and large environments, always providing the best and most real sound experience.