The sound of your system needs to sound balanced, precise, and enjoyable, whether during a movie session, a concert, or even while playing your favorite songs. It was thinking of all these possibilities that AAT developed the bookshelf BSF-100.

Synonymous with versatility, this model meets the most diverse applications in small and medium environments. Refined and modern, this box can be used in front channels, surround or even for surround sound. Regardless of the task requested, the BSF-100 New Gen excels, having the rare power to reproduce any sound with maximum quality and fidelity.

This result is only possible thanks to a careful and successful combination of factors. The BSF-100 bookshelf uses state-of-the-art engineering and electronics, which include the use of premium components and high-performance speakers, such as the Kevlar 6 ½-inch woofer and the silk dome tweeter, designed exclusively for this purpose. And more: each unit is tested individually, always maintaining the highest level of quality.


Model Color
Bookshelf BSF100 White White
Model Color
Bookshelf BSF100 Black Black


The beautiful clean look and the exquisite finish in glossy lacquer in black or white colors makes the BSF-100 bookshelf follow the most modern design trends in the world. The result is an attractive product that matches the look of any tasteful environment.

Production maintains a handcrafted routine. With a thickness of 20mm, each wooden cabinet is made by hand. And, once assembled, each unit receives manual painting and polishing. In this way, AAT has a strict control of each product, which is considered by the company as if it were unique.

If you want to fully customize your project, AAT is also ready to help fulfill your dream. If that is your intention, choose the color of your choice and look for our staff, who will produce a bookshelf box tailored to your needs.