Daring, performance, creativity, beauty, charm, sophistication and commitment to always offer the best quality. Based on these ideals, AAT (Advanced Audio Technologies) has built its vocation to create and develop high quality audio solutions that meet the needs of any type of customer, even the most demanding.

In every subwoofer, speaker or other product of the AAT brand, the dedication and attention of the company to the details, engineering, design, finishing, acoustics and sound performance are verified in tests carried out in all units.

More than products, AAT delivers true works of art to the consumer. They are high-performance audio solutions that combine with the look of any tasteful environment. This is the case of the AAT bookshelf speakers line, with high power handling and presented in the most varied colors, allowing the total customization of your project. (*)

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The AAT production line still maintains a handcrafted routine. Each wooden cabinet is handmade. And, once assembled, each product receives manual painting and polishing. With this, the AAT guarantees a rigorous control of each piece, seen by the company as if it were unique.

This was always the philosophy of engineer João Yazbek, founder and director of AAT. An audio specialist for more than 30 years, he has accumulated valuable international experience in the development of audio and video products. His credibility is so great that he became a columnist for the main publications dedicated to the subject in Brazil, his country of origin. During all these years, he took advantage of the knowledge acquired to create innovative products with surprising performance and quality, in addition to the price that is appropriate to the reality of each market.


Only AAT manufactures subwoofers and residential speakers of the highest quality in the color you desire. It can be the classic black, the sophisticated white or any other color to order, allowing you to leave your project with a unique proposal that leaves the installation with “your face”.


Home theater or ambient sound? Regardless of the application, the AAT subwoofers and speakers will amaze you in every way. With state-of-the-art engineering and electronics, in addition to the judicious choice of each component, the brand’s products deliver the most faithful and real sound experience in the playback of movie bass sounds, shows or musical recordings. Get ready to listen to bass, midrange and treble balanced and striking, just the way you’ve always dreamed.